Total Security In A Small Space – Best Gun Safes For Apartments

If you live in an apartment, you’re already well aware that storage space is often at a premium. It’s important to make creative use of what space you have. At the same time, of course, it’s as vital as ever to make sure your firearms are properly protected against theft or unauthorized use but still easily available when you need them.

Gun safe manufacturers have risen to this challenge and there are several safes available that meet the special needs of apartment residents. If you want the best in firearms security, in a package that suits your living space, here are what we believe to be the best gun safes for apartments.

TOP PICK:  American Security DV652 Defense Vault

best gun safe for apartmentIt’s easy enough to store a handgun in a drawer safe, but long guns can be a bit trickier. The American Security DV652 gun safe takes a novel approach. It’s a horizontal safe capable of holding practically anything shorter than a Revolutionary War musket, but still offering all the security you’d expect from a conventional gun cabinet. Its shape means it’s easily installed under a bed, on a long shelf or even used as a pedestal for smaller items of furniture, while still allowing quick access to your guns in an emergency.

top rated apartment gun safeThe Defense Vault is strongly built from 14 gauge steel and weighs a reasonably hefty 74 pounds. A determined thief could carry it away, but it also has four pre-drilled mounting holes to counter that possibility. At six inches high, 14 inches deep and 52 inches wide it uses a minimum of space and can be fitted under many items of furniture, making effective use of space that you wouldn’t usually expect to fit a gun safe in. Of course a horizontally mounted case at floor level could be awkward if you need to access your guns in a hurry, but the folks at American Security have thought of that. The DV652 isn’t a simple box; it incorporates a full length slide-out tray to hold your weapons. Just open the door, pull out the tray and your guns are in front of you ready for instant action.

best gun safe for under the bed?The door to the Defense Vault runs nearly the entire length of the safe and hinges at the bottom. It’s secured by a sliding bar with five separate locking points, which in turn is controlled by an electronic keypad lock. The lock runs on four AA batteries and located to the right of the door. The keypad is mounted at a 45 degree angle so it’s easy to use even with the safe at floor level, and the keys are nicely backlit. Even in the dark you can have the door open, the drawer out and your guns available in seconds.

If you’re short of space in your apartment, this is an excellent way to make the most of what you have. It’s a clever idea that’s been very well executed. Made in the USA.


RUNNER UP:  GunVault MV500-STD Microvault

best gun safe for the car

The American Security DV652 is ideal if you need to secure a rifle or shotgun, but for handguns it’s a bit on the large side. A better option here is the GunVault MV500-STD Microvault. This is a low profile gun safe that’s the perfect size to hold a 1911 or similar sized semiautomatic, or two compact pistols, as well as spare ammunition. It can be mounted to a solid surface with its predrilled fixing holes, and also comes with a locking cable so you can quickly fasten it to virtually any object.

The Microvault is secured with a four-button lock, which uses GunVault’s innovative “No-Eyes” keypad system for easy use even in the dark. It can be set to give an audible alert when the correct code is entered or, if you prefer, to operate in “stealth” mode. This is a tough, easy to operate little safe and with a maximum dimension of under a foot it can be installed practically anywhere.