Protection From Humidity: The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

A gun safe can protect your firearm collection against unauthorized use, theft and even fire; locking them behind a layer of steel keeps a lot of hazards away. Unfortunately it also restricts the airflow around your guns, and this lets moisture in the air attack them. Humid air can cause corrosion, rust, and mildew to either steel or wood parts, so it’s important to take steps to protect your investment by dealing with the threat of humidity.

Of course the first step in storing guns safely is proper cleaning and lubrication, but you also need to do everything you can to remove humidity from your storage space. There are quite a few inexpensive options for doing this, and here are two of the best dehumidifiers for gun safes to help with your decision.

TOP PICK:  LockDown Gun Vault Dehumidifier Rod

best dehumidifier for gun safeThe simplest way to reduce the risk from humidity is to keep the inside of your safe at a slightly higher temperature than outside. This will both reduce the amount of moisture in the air and prevent excess moisture condensing onto your guns where it can start to do damage. The LockDown Gun Vault Dehumidifier Rod is a bar-type heating element that can be attached to the inside of your safe to raise the temperature by a safe amount. To accommodate all sizes of safes, it comes in different sizes, but the smaller 12-inch model is enough for almost all safes. If you do have a very large gun safe, there’s also an 18 inch version available.


The LockDown dehumidifier rod is very easy to install. If your safe doesn’t have a power hook-up you’ll need to drill a hole in the case to feed the cable out; to make this easier, the rod comes with the wall plug disassembled, so you can pass the cable through the hole then fit the plug. The cable can also be run through unused mounting holes, which will save you drilling. The rod itself simply clips to its mounting brackets, which are held to the inside of the safe by self-adhesive Velcro pads.


Once plugged in the rod heats up to a higher temperature than you might expect, but not hot enough to cause any fire hazard. It puts out enough power to keep the inside of your safe about 5 degrees warmer than the air outside, which is plenty to prevent damaging condensation.

This is a simple and economical solution to humidity. It’s compact enough to fit in practically any safe and very, very effective. Really, you can’t afford to be without it.


RUNNER UP:  Eva-dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifer

Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier reviewIf you can’t arrange a power supply to your gun safe then the Eva-dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier is a great option. Using absorbent crystals to reduce humidity, this compact unit can dehumidify up to 333 cubic feet – which will handle any vault – and lasts up to a month before the crystals are fully saturated. A convenient gauge on the front shows you the remaining capacity of the crystals, and when they start to approach their maximum, you simply remove the unit and plug it into a power supply. A built-in heater will dry the crystals, venting the stored moisture to the outside air and leaving the unit “recharged” and ready to go back in your safe.

The real beauty of this unit is that it’s extremely easy to install. It’s also economical, with a typical life of ten years and no power required to keep it running.