How To Move A Gun Safe

how to move a gun safeIf you have firearms in your home, owning a gun safe is your fundamental responsibility. One underlying theme with gun safes is that they are very heavy and difficult to move. This is obviously a good thing once in place but getting the safe to its final spot can be a challenging process. Transporting them often require the assistance of multiple people if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment required to move it.  This article will highlight the best methods to move a gun safe into a variety of locations, including what tools and equipment will be helpful during the move.

General Moving Information

As the owner of a gun safe, you understand they are heavy, bulky and difficult to move. Depending on size, a metal gun safe can easily weigh over 300 pounds even when it’s completely empty.  Moving it by yourself is not an option, and if attempted could result in severe back, leg and arm injuries.  You can easily pull muscles, strain tendons or even break a bone if a heavy object such as a gun safe is moved by yourself.  Using a dolly for small to medium sized safes is recommended as it will make it easier to move the safe from one room to another and negates the need to physically lift and carry the bulky object.  When moving a gun safe, it’s recommended that you have at least another person to help assist with placing it on the dolly and moving it to its new location.

Moving A Gun Safe Downstairs

gun safe moving dolly

Gun safes are often stored in the lower level of a home such as in the basement of family room.  Moving a heavy object such as a gun safe down the stairs can be very difficult and there is a large potential for injury if the case falls and lands on somebody while moving it.  If you must move your gun safe downstairs, it’s important to follow a few basic safety precautions.

You should always use a dolly (ones made for stairs are the best) for facilitating the transport of the gun safe, as well as some type of mechanism to secure the gun safe to the dolly such as a ratchet strap or rope.  Start at the top of the stairs with one person holding onto the handles of the dolly.  You should have at least two people on the stairs to physically hold and guide the dolly down the steps one step at a time. Make sure to ease the wheels of the dolly down each step to avoid damage to your stairs or the risk of the gun safe coming detached from the dolly, something that can cause injury to your helpers.

Moving A Gun Safe Upstairs

Moving a gun safe upstairs is actually safer and easier than moving it downstairs.  Again a dolly and securing mechanism should be used.  One person should guide the dolly and safe up while two or three others physically lift the dolly up the stairs, one step at a time.

gun safe on dolly

Final Note

If you are not 100% comfortable with moving a gun safe yourself, do an online search for gun safe movers in your local area. Do your research to find reputable companies who have been in business for at least a few years. They are professionals who have faced pretty much any type of moving scenario you can imagine. Don’t simply go on Craigslist to find the cheapest gun safe mover you can.