How To Light A Gun Safe

gun safe lightingFor many, gun safe lighting may seem like an unnecessary feature much like the high performance floor mats the car dealership wants to sell you. The fact is that having some type of light source in your gun safe isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes; it’s for safety. Feeling around in the dark for firearms is just not the best idea. So what is the best way to light a gun safe?

There are numerous options available when it comes to lighting up your gun safe and showcasing your prized firearms.  Lights are particularly helpful when your case is located in a dark part of your home, such as in the garage or basement.  A light will make it easier to safely find the particular gun you’re looking for and to make sure they’re all accounted for. 

Gun Safe Lighting Ideas

LED gun safe lightsThe most common type of lighting system intended for gun safe use are LED lighting systems.  LED gun safe lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well as different price points.  You generally only need one light to illuminate your case, although additional lights can be added on the sides of the case for peripheral lighting.  Many LED gun safe lights are motion activated, meaning they will only turn on when the door to the safe is opened.  This drastically reduces energy use and ensures your guns aren’t exposed to light at all times – something that can actually cause harm over time.

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gun safe light kit

Another idea for lighting up your gun safe is to use a gun safe light kit.  These can be purchased fairly cheap from both physical stores and from online retail websites.  A light kit is cheap because they must be assembled and put together after purchasing, unlike other lights which come pre-assembled.  The most common type of light used in gun safe light kits are LED lights, although CFL bulbs are another popular option.  They can be run off either AC power, the type used to run the majority of appliances in your home, or DC power, which is generated from batteries.

diy gun safe lightingFinally you have the option of DIY gun safe lighting.  This should only be attempted if you have some basic knowledge in wiring and electricity, as it will involve hooking up wires which can potentially be dangerous.  The options are truly limitless when it comes to DIY gun safe lighting.  You can opt to use convention LED bulbs, rope lighting, or use a cheaper type of lighting such as CFL or incandescent lighting.  You can install motion detectors so the lights will only come on when the door is opened, or you can install a simple switch to manually activate the light after the door has been opened. Check out some online gun forums to get some great ideas for the do-it-yourselfer.