How To Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe

gun safe moistureIf you are the owner of firearms then you know the importance of keeping them safe and secure. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a gun safe and always store your guns in the safe when they aren’t in use. While your guns are safe from fire and misuse while inside the safe, they can succumb to another danger – gun safe humidity. Excess moisture can cause your guns to become rusty and it can cause the parts to stick together, causing a potential misfire.  Moisture control in your gun safe should be one of your top priorities as a gun owner, and this article will explain how to prevent moisture from accumulating to dangerous levels in your gun safe.

Causes of Moisture

There are numerous ways in which moisture can invade your gun case and wreak havoc on your firearms.  Moisture is present in the air whether you notice it or not.  Some houses have higher levels of humidity than others, meaning there will be more moisture present.  If you have your gun safe located in the basement your firearms will be susceptible to higher levels of moisture than other parts of the house.  Moisture can come through the walls in your home and cause the humidity to build.  If you live in a tropical climate you will have higher levels of moisture in your home as well.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiersgun safe dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers, namely electric ones such as the “Golden Rod”, are one of the best ways to keep moisture out of a gun safe. These inexpensive 12” to 18” rods work by heating the surface temperature to around 140 degrees and keep the inside of the safe a constant temperature. This lowers the humidity inside the safe which in turn prevents rust. To install, simply mount it to the floor or wall of the safe, route the detachable cord through a hole in the back of the safe, and plug it in.

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gun safe silica packsSilica Packs

Another option to control the moisture inside your gun case is to use silica packs. Silica is a material that actively absorbs moisture and keeps everything dry and humidity-free.  Silica packs are often founds in bags of beef jerky to keep the meat dry and free of moisture or shoe boxes.  These packs can be purchased online in bulk size for a low price.  You should place at least three silica packs in your gun case, but you need to ensure they are not touching any of your guns directly.  Silica packs can damage the metal on your gun and cause corrosion and rust if they come into contact with your guns.

Type of Case

Another way to keep moisture out of your gun case is to purchase a case that features some type of sealant system built in.  Common sealants include caulking, foam and silicone.  This should be applied around the door jamb on the inside of the case to prevent moisture and air from seeping into the case.  If you have purchased a gun case that doesn’t incorporate any type of sealant system you can modify your existing case with silicone or caulking to ensure excess moisture does not make its way into the case.

Preventing excess moisture from entering your gun case is important for maintaining the overall condition and shape of your guns.  You should periodically check your guns for signs of rust or corrosion which are generally signs of excess moisture.  You can wipe down the metal parts of your gun with cleaning oil and a rag to remove moisture and rust.