How To Hide A Gun Safe

Having guns in your home presents many safety risks both to yourself and your family.  If you own guns, it’s important to store them in a proper gun safe to reduce the risk to children, inexperienced gun handlers or thieves from accessing them.  While you have the option of proudly displaying your gun case along with your prized firearms, this isn’t usually the best idea, especially if you happen to live in a high crime area.  A better option is to hide a gun safe using one of the methods outlined below.

hide gun safe under bed Under the Bed

A popular option for people who own only a few firearms is to purchase a small and lightweight gun case and store it under a bed for safety and quick access.  Hiding your gun case under your bed will prevent thieves from seeing it if they happen to make entry into your home.  The last thing you want is your prized firearms being used against you or your family, which is why hiding them is so important.  If you own less than four firearms, hiding them under your bed is a good option.  Make sure you purchase a safe that features a horizontal design for a lower profile that will allow it to fit. If you have an especially valuable collection, companies, such as BedGunSafe, exist that actually make bed frames with hidden gun safes built in. For a single handgun, a small gun safe hidden in a nightstand by your bedside is a good choice.

In a Closethide gun safe in closet

Another good place to hide your gun safe is in a closet.  A walk-in closet presents the best location because of the large space available for hiding the safe.  Hiding your gun safe in a closet allows you to choose a full-size gun safe allowing for maximum storage of all your firearms.  When installing the safe, it’s important to secure the safe to either the wall or floor using anchors, chains and padlocks which are hidden either underneath or behind the safe.  This will make it much more difficult for thieves and burglars to take the safe if they discover it.  For added security, you can hide the safe behind dresser drawers, mirrors or clothes in your closet to make it even more difficult to find. Some homes include a crawlspace access door in the floor of the closet, making it a great spot to conceal your gun safe.

hide gun safe in hidden wallHidden Wall

One of the best, but most difficult, places to store your gun safe is inside a hidden wall compartment in your home. Storing your gun safe in a hidden wall means it will be completely hidden and out of view from everybody expect you. Storing your gun safe in a hidden wall compartment will require some basic tools – namely a saw for cutting drywall and studs, a drill for installing a fake door and a hammer for securing the anchors.

While more detailed instructions can be found online, start by measuring the size of your gun safe.  Take a saw and cut a rough opening in the selected location in your home.  If you must cut through studs in the wall make sure there are enough left over to support the weight of the wall and roof. Create a fake door along with hinges to successfully hide your gun safe inside your wall. For the cleanest look possible, check out companies that specialize in these types of safes such as Invisivault.