Gun Safe Accessories

For those who have different types of firearms in their home, the most important thing is to have a safe place to store the guns. As you are probably well aware, gun-related accidents happen all too often. It should be a priority of every single gun owner to store their firearms where others cannot access them. On the market today are countless accessories for gun safes that a person can have for safer and more organized gun storage. Many of these accessories are considered to be must-haves for any gun collector, policeman, military personnel, or any other firearms enthusiast.

No matter if you have a single pistol or a collection of dozens of rifles and handguns, a quality gun safe is required. It can be a small gun safe that you keep in your nightstand or a large 600 pound safe that is stored in your basement. Put bluntly, a gun safe is essential for the protection of your guns and your family. However, aside from having a gun safe, there are also various accessories that are recommended in order to enhance the safe.


Normally, all guns are made from metal and are prone to corrosion and damage. A dehumidifier is one of the most purchased accessories for gun safes. It's job is to prevent condensation or moisture from making contact with your guns. This moisture can over time ruin the components inside. It is said that less moisture will provide less maintenance and less maintenance can save you money that can be used to purchase additional guns or accessories. A dehumidifier for the inside of your gun safe should be one of the first things to consider.

Door Organizers

The importance of a door organizer for floor standing gun safes comes down to organization. This accessory can maximize the space in your gun safe. With a decent gun safe door organizer, your safe will have more room that can be used for rifle storage or other types of long guns. Also, door organizers can come in different shapes and sizes and some of them can perfectly match the interior of your particular safe.

Handgun Racks

These are probably the best way to store your handguns, revolvers, and pistols alongside your long guns. They allow for more room for rifles and shotguns as well as allow for easy access to each handgun. Most come in a vinyl coated metal which is simply set on a shelf inside the safe. The most common handgun racks hold between 4 and 6 guns. Going to a shooting range? Simple take the rack with you to hold handguns while not in use.

Rifle Rods

Rifle rods are also used to maximize the space inside your gun safe. This holder is placed at the bottom of the gun safe and will have several rods or vertical racks that will be used to organize your rifles, shotguns, or other long guns. This especially comes in handy when you find out that new gun safe you bought that's rated to hold 16 rifles, only holds 10. Rifle rods will allow you to fit more in there while keeping things neat and organized.


Some type of lighting is essential for most gun safes and not only for aesthetic purposes. This will allow you to quickly and safely find what you need when you open your gun safe. Fumbling around inside a pitch black safe in the middle of the night is simply not a good idea. Because many gun safes don't have any holes or wiring built-in to accommodate plug in lighting, a battery-operated motion sensor light is one of the easiest ways to provide adequate lighting to your safe. Alternatively, many choose to wire their gun safe to be able to use LED rope lighting and such and never have to worry when they'll have a dead battery.