Buying New vs Used

When owning any type of firearms, keeping them secured is not an option. Owning a gun safe is a must, especially if there are children in the home. In fact, in many countries it is required by law to own a gun safe if you own any kind of firearms. Even if […] Read more »

What’s the Best Place to Put a Gun Safe?

So you’re thinking about buying a gun safe or have already purchased one but you’re not sure where to put it. There are quite a few options. Some of the main points to consider are: Conditions around the safe, Security, Visibility, and Access to an outside wall. One place you […] Read more »

Gun Safe Locks – Mechanical vs. Electronic

The question has been asked thousands of times. Which is better for gun safes… mechanical or electronic locks? If you were to ask 100 experts, you would most likely get a mixed response. Here we look at both types individually, including their pros and cons. After reading, we hope you […] Read more »

Gun Safe Accessories

For those who have different types of firearms in their home, the most important thing is to have a safe place to store the guns. As you are probably well aware, gun-related accidents happen all too often. It should be a priority of every single gun owner to store their […] Read more »

What Size of Gun Safe Do You REALLY need?

Whilst a gun may provide security inside your home, a gun can also provide a very dangerous weapon for a home intruder to use against you. Gun safes (or locking cabinets) are an important part of gun safety, and before buying one, any prospective gun owner must give some serious thought […] Read more »

How To Move A Gun Safe

If you have firearms in your home, owning a gun safe is your fundamental responsibility. One underlying theme with gun safes is that they are very heavy and difficult to move. This is obviously a good thing once in place but getting the safe to its final spot can be […] Read more »

How To Light A Gun Safe

For many, gun safe lighting may seem like an unnecessary feature much like the high performance floor mats the car dealership wants to sell you. The fact is that having some type of light source in your gun safe isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes; it’s for safety. Feeling around in […] Read more »

How To Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe

If you are the owner of firearms then you know the importance of keeping them safe and secure. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a gun safe and always store your guns in the safe when they aren’t in use. While your guns are safe from fire […] Read more »

How To Install A Gun Safe

Installing a gun safe in your home is a great way to keep your firearm collection safe and secure. Gun safes, especially ones made from thicker gauge steel, have the added advantage of being heat resistant and fireproof, protecting your valuable guns in the event of a house fire.  It’s important […] Read more »

How To Hide A Gun Safe

Having guns in your home presents many safety risks both to yourself and your family.  If you own guns, it’s important to store them in a proper gun safe to reduce the risk to children, inexperienced gun handlers or thieves from accessing them.  While you have the option of proudly […] Read more »