Brightening It Up – Top Rated Gun Safe Lights

By its nature, a gun safe is an enclosed space, and that means the light inside isn’t the best. Much of the time that doesn’t matter, but there are times when it can be vital – looking for the right box of ammo on a shelf stacked with it, for example, or in the worst case trying to grab a magazine quickly in the dark.

When you need to be able to see inside your safe, some light will definitely be appreciated. Most manufacturers do not include standard lighting as part of their safe. The good news is that you can easily add aftermarket lights. There is a large variety of these so it can be difficult to choose, but you can’t go wrong with either of these top rated gun safe lights.

TOP PICK:  Stack-On SPAL-300

best gun safe light

LED lights have become a popular choice for many purposes, and the Stack-On SPAL-300 gun safe lights adapt the technology to produce a compact, convenient set of lighting for your gun safe. It’s perfect for safes of any size but might be especially suitable for large ones, because it has three separate lamps each with four high-brightness LEDs. Each of these can be independently aimed, allowing you to distribute light throughout the safe as you prefer.

best lighting for gun safeThe complete unit is just under a foot long and 2.25 inches wide, so it won’t take up much space inside your safe. There are two mounting options included – a mounting plate or hook and eye tape. No cabling is necessary during installation, either – power is provided by six AAA batteries, which aren’t included. Because of the low amount of power consumption LEDs require, battery changes will be very infrequent.

Stack-on SPAL-300 reviewOnce you have the SPAL-300 installed, you have a choice of operating modes. There’s a manual on/off switch with two brightness levels or you may prefer the automatic option. The unit is fitted with a motion sensitive switch, so you can set it to come on when the safe is opened. If you set this, you can also choose how long the light will stay on – either 30 or 60 seconds.

This is a very versatile light with a good range of usage modes and best of all… no wires! For its low price, every medium to large size safe should have at least one. Whatever your preferences, you should be able to set the SPAL-300 gun safe light up to accommodate them.


RUNNER UP:  Amir 3 Pack LED Lights

amir 3 pack gun safe led lights

amir 3 pack gun safe led lights

If you prefer even smaller lights, or you have a Liberty Franklin series safe, you might prefer the Amir 3 Pack LED Lights. As the name suggests you get 3 small, round light units, each powered by three AA batteries (which are not included).

These Amir LED lights have motion detector and will be turned on automatically whenever the safe is opened, there is no on/off switch. When this is activated, the lights goes off after 20 seconds of no motion detected.

This LED light comes with magnet, making it very easy to install inside a gun safe, or on any metal surface. a 3M double-sided tape is also included, so you can install it on any surface.