Best Long Gun Safe For the Money

Long gun safes are some of the most versatile gun safes you can get. Not only will they hold your rifle, shotgun, or AR-15, they will also hold any handguns, pistols, important documents, and any other valuable items you’d like to keep safe. Since most individuals don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a top rated long gun safe, we want to provide what we believe to be the two best units that your money can buy.

When looking to buy any gun safe, the first thing you may notice is the manufacturer’s gun capacity claim. I always like to compare long gun safe capacity to camping tents. A 6-person tent will actually only hold 3 people comfortably. The same holds true with gun safes. A 20-gun capacity safe will comfortably hold about 10-12 firearms, depending on their type. Most experts will tell you to get a safe rated to hold twice as many firearms as you currently have. You can always fit other valuables inside the safe if you have room to spare.

TOP PICK:  Stack-On SS-22-MB-C (mechanical lock)

best-rifle-safeStack-On is a brand synonymous with various types of affordable long gun safe. One of the best values for the money, the Stack-On SS-22-MB-C has a rated capacity of 22 long guns. This model comes a good looking black powder coated finish. It’s also available in a classy hunter green color (SS-22-MG-C) which many people prefer. The safe is a great choice for anyone with kids in the house or wants to make it very difficult for thieves to crack.

For security, the rifle safe features heavy duty steel locking bolts (3 live action and 3 dead bolt) with concealed hinges which are specifically engineered for greater access to the interior of the safe. A solid steel, pry-resistant door along with a drill-resistant hardened steel door plate provide added security. Like all rifle safes, it’s recommended to bolt to the floor or wall but at 250 pounds, it’s not easy for a thief to move without a lot of effort.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-C review

The Stack-On SS-22-MB-C comes with four easy to adjust shelves as well as a central divider. The inside of the safe is highly configurable depending on how many long guns you wish to store. If you have rifles over 52”, you won’t be able to utilize any shelf above it. The interior is carpeted but a few people have noted that the carpet was not fully adhered to some shelves.

This entry-level safe is not fire-rated but in the event your house burns to the ground, even the highest fire rating will not prevent the inside contents from being destroyed in a sustained fire. A smooth-turning combination lock has a fixed combination with no way to change; this can be viewed as good or bad but really doesn’t make a difference to most people.

The Stack-On SS-22-MB-C is truly an excellent value for your money. While there are higher quality safes available, none can come close to this safe’s price point.

RUNNER UP:  Mesa MBF5922E (electronic lock)

Mesa MBF5922E Gun Safe Review

This best-selling Mesa model comes in 14-gun capacity in a sleek black finish. When you consider the price difference, it’s no wonder most go with the larger model. The MBF5922E is what we believe to be the best long gun safe for the money. Made in the USA, it’s sturdy, tipping the scales at over 528 lbs. and has good overall build quality. The electronic lock functions well and has a long battery life. Being ETL-verified means your valuables will be able to withstand up to 1750 degrees for 60 minutes in case of a house fire. Very few large safes at this price point are able to make that claim.

We believe the 14-long gun capacity safe is a perfect size to get. Too many gun owners make the mistake of purchasing a safe the exact size to hold the guns they currently have. These same people then have to buy a second safe to meet their needs. The Mesa MBF5922E is designed to hold a wide range of long guns including:  shotguns, hunting rifles, antique rifles, AR-15s, AK-47s, and various custom rifles. As long as you don’t try to jam too many in there, your firearms will all fit together comfortably. The MBF5922E features an easy operating electronic lock with backup keys included for those “just in case” times.

mesa mbf5922e inside

mesa mbf5922e inside

As for security, you will be at peace of mind knowing only the most determined of thieves will be able to have any success. For starters, this Mesa’s hefty weight combined with it being anchored to the floor or wall, make it almost impossible to simply walk away with the safe. The solid steel, pry-resistant door along with the hardened steel lockplate make the safe incredibly sturdy and heady for any intruder to make their way in. Features exterior hinges which are preferred by most. While the side walls are not the thickest gauge steel, they are rarely targeted by thieves.

The inside of the safe features fully customizable shelving to allow you to configure it how you want it. Even though the shelves are not of the best quality, better shelves can easily be put in later if you so desire. To keep all your firearms scratch-free, the interior is carpeted. Again, the felt used is not what you would consider premium quality but that is a small trade-off for all the positives this safe has. Another very user friendly feature that is worth mentioning is the door comes off by lifting straight up when open. This really helps when moving the safe, you can move the door separately. Tip: use moving straps when remove the door.

This safe comes with cement anchors, power cord for power strip, 9v battery, door organizer, three brass handles for boltwork, and back up key.

Considering price, size, craftsmanship, quality, and style, the Mesa MBF5922E should be near the top of everyone’s list when it comes to best bang for the buck long gun safes.