About Us

Thanks for stopping by GunSafeAdvisor.com. My name is Tim and I created this site to help other gun enthusiasts determine what the best gun safe is for their specific needs without breaking the bank. Like many of you who have kids, I knew I needed to do the resonsible thing and make sure their safety was always a top priority when it came to my gun collection.

When it came time to buy my first "real" gun safe, I quickly got tired of salesmen or websites spouting off measurements, worthless features, and useless specs of gun safes. I just wanted to know why a particular gun safe would be good or bad for my situation. And so, Gun Safe Advisor was created to quickly give you the lowdown on which gun safes are good buys and those which are not. My hope is to provide this information in an easy to read format to allow you to make the best possible gun safe buying decision based upon what matters to YOU.